Mission Statement

 "  Our mission is to provide construction services that surpass our clients' expectations. We will accomplish this through the specially selected high quality material, by hiring and retaining first class employees, and by approaching the building process with honesty and integrity. This will provide the foundation for long term customer relations and growth. We are committed to the success of our clients, our business partners and our employees. " 

Awqad Championship 2016

Sponsored by SAS Salalah Projects for Construction LLC

رعاية رئيس مجلس إدارة الشركة لإحدى فعاليات المناشط الرياضية التي تدعمها الشركة

Chairman of the Board of Directors Mammar Abdul Khaliq Amer Al-Rawas sponsors a sport event on behalf of company.

إستلام شهادة تكريم للشركة وذلك للدعم المقدم منها لبطولة عوقد الرياضية 2016 من راعي المناسبة مدير عام الإعلام بظفار

Mammar Abdul Khaliq Amer Al-Rawas (Chairman of the Board of Directors, SAS Salalah Projects for Construction LLC) receiving Certificate of Honor from the patron of the occasion for sponsoring and supporting Awqad Championship 2016 event.