Mission Statement

 "  Our mission is to provide construction services that surpass our clients' expectations. We will accomplish this through the specially selected high quality material, by hiring and retaining first class employees, and by approaching the building process with honesty and integrity. This will provide the foundation for long term customer relations and growth. We are committed to the success of our clients, our business partners and our employees. " 


Sr. No.Company JV / Consortium PartnerProject Description & Scope of WorkClientCountryContract DurationDate of CommencementDate of CompletionValue
(in Omani Rials)
1Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyIraqi Army 8th Division in Al-Dewaniyah City. Infrastructure works consists of earthworks, asphalt works, surface drainage, foul sewerahe, primary irrigation, portable water networks and street lighting.US ArmyIraq180 Days11/02/201201/08/20122,801,217.4
2Bawadrer Al-Rhma CompanyEPIC for southern perimeter industrial fence, security patrol access and other roads in Um City 'Qaser.US ArmyIraq90 Days02/10/201229/12/20121,149,523.5
3Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyRefurbishment and upgrading works for various DCS stations including civil, mechanical, electrical and HVAC works.BPIraq75 Days03/10/201208/12/2012962,750
4Bawader Al-Rhma Company Provision of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of provision of EPCC ISF (Iraqi security force) camps and check points for halfaya oil.Petro ChinaIraq360 Days01/08/201314/06/20143,465,900
5Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyProvision of Engineering Procurement Construction COmmissioning For Flood Drainage and Lighting System for CPF2 Area of Halfaya Oil Field Phase 2.Petro ChinaIraq130 Days05/09/201315/01/2014693,180
6Bawader Al-Rhma Company Provision of EPCC services for the civil works for CPF1 Extension Area.Petro ChinaIraq120 Days20/08/201420/12/20142,079,540
7Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyProvision of PCC for the Backfilling and levelling for CPF3 and CPF2 AreaPetro ChinaIraq240 Days12/01/201501/09/20153,168,550
8Bawader Al-Rhma CompanySite development of service areas and pot room building area including earth works, construction of roads, surface drainages supply and installation of potable water lines for Nassirriyah oil field.SOCIraq150 Days04/05/201129/09/20111,187,725
9Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyConstruction of Precast Concrete Fence for Petroleum CollageSOCIraq170 Days04/05/201201/10/20131,116,500
10Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyPower Plant Mechanical work. Location Missain, North Diwania, East Diwania, Karbla. STXIraq140 Days01/02/201303/06/2013770,000
11Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyH.T/L.T, Electrical Substation and Underground utilitiesGulf TunerIraq90 Days03/04/201328/06/2013962,500
12Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyDCS upgrade include but not limited all civil work and all electrical workBPIraq100 Days02/03/201401/06/2014885,500
13Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyRefurbishment and upgrading works for various DCS stations including civil, mechanical, electrical and HVAC works.BPIraq80 Days02/07/201410/09/2014962,500
14Bawader Al-Rhma CompanyProvision of EPC service of Distribution Line from substation to all camps in Petro China Base Camp.CSIIraq60 Days01/08/201428/09/201496,250